"Yeah well, this life ain't
nothing but pain."

Wes, Scene 31, Sanctified

Sanctified is the story of an outlaw who is rescued from death by a nun who is traveling through the Badlands. She nurses him back to health in exchange for him guiding her to a Church in Williston. A deep friendship develops between these two unlikely people as they learn to work together to survive their dangerous journey.



"This is the badlands, Sister.
There is no God here."

Wes, Scene 3, Sanctified

Sanctified will be filmed just outside of Medora, ND in May 2020. Behind this feature is a group of filmmakers who are excited to be part of North Dakota’s emerging film industry. They’ve teamed up with professionals from all over the state and the surrounding region to create a one-of-a-kind motion-picture.



"Well, what do you think? Am I
getting the truth here?"

Shaw, Scene 36, Sanctified

WESTON is an outlaw on the run from his gang. He isn't the typical rugged criminal you may imagine. Wes has a dream of leaving the life of crime for a simpler life. He wants to go to California, away from the Badlands. He has one shot at it.

HILDEGARD is a nun with an unusual path to her calling. Hilde did not start her life as a sister of faith. She had a family but after tragedy struck, she went to the only thing she had left - her faith. And part of her new life is delivering supplies and goods to her
monastery in Williston.


SHAW is a man of his word. Leader of the outlaws, Shaw takes loyalty very seriously. No one is known to double-cross him.